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I am an Intuitive Energy Healer, with a focus on Angel Guided Messages and Healing. I currently have 7 angels who I work with everyday. These angels have become a part of my life and they offer their wisdom, blessings and transformational healing through my work.

I am also a psychic/medium. When a loved one who has passed on comes through, they will offer a loving message to encourage your growth and help to guide your healing. Your animals often come through as well.

I offer Energy Healing/Shifting and Touch for Health. I do all of my healing on an energy level (no hands on). This allows your physical body to release toxins, balance muscles, release negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs. This helps to eliminate physical pain and stress.

Karen Klein-Locke

My journey began at  a young age when I began to realize that I viewed the world in a different way than most. I have always believed that we can and should be able to heal ourselves.

After many years of self discovery and training, I feel that what I offer is unique and transformational. I am honoured to help others on their journey and love to watch people blossom into their truth as they become aware of their unlimited potential.

We are all here to learn from each other. I feel that I am always learning and growing, if I can help others to do the same then my life is complete.

I welcome you to contact me and hope to help you on your journey to self discovery.

We are all truly blessed.


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Located in Tavistock, Ontario
I would be honoured to guide you in the healing process.

My Credentials

Although many of the healings I offer have been provided through Angelic Insight, I also have had the pleasure of learning from many masters.

To the right is a listing of my completed classes and courses and my wonderfully gifted teachers.

I would be honoured to guide you in the healing process. My work is always offered with love and respect to the individual and held in the highest of confidence. I am always willing to answer any questions about myself and my work, or to guide you in the direction of another healer that may better suit your needs.

  • Beverley MacLean

    Self Muscle Testing
    Touch for Health (levels 1 thru 4)
    Nutritional Kinesiology
    Animal Communication
    Authentic Healthy Awakenings (levels 1 and 2)

  • Jane Girouard

    Healing Through Energy
    Uncovering Your Authentic Self

  • Margaret Mousseau

    Learning with the Angels


“Karen’s gift has helped me heal the issues that I couldn’t heal on my own or with other help that I have sought. I always leave our sessions feeling renewed and able to move forward in all areas of my life”

“Wow, what an uplifting and positive experience! Karen was able to place some missing puzzle pieces for me and open myself up to more conscience awareness in my life. I highly recommend her”

“I look forward to every appointment that I have with Karen. I always leave feeling more in touch with who I am and with an eagerness to see what’s next in my life”

“My spirit has been lifted and my eyes have been opened”

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